Solmaz Badri

Solmaz Badri

Solmaz Badri
Solmaz Badri was born in 1980 in Tehran. She got her M.A. degree in Music from Art University of Tehran.


At 10, She attended Orff classes at Pars Music School (Naser Nazar) in Tehran, under the guidance of Farrokh Zarrin-Kafsh and later started Santoor (Dulcimer) with Gholam-Reza Mashayekhi and Mohammad-Reza Fayyaz.
Solmaz completed her M.A. studies at Art University of Tehran, learning from such teachers as Sharif Lotfi, Reza Shafieean, Masood Shenasa, and Pashang Kamkar.
She also started learning singing with Asemeh Fendereski, Mozafar Shafiee and attended Mohammad-Reza Shajarian’s singing workshops.

She has participated in many music festivals in and out of Iran, including:
– Students’ and women’s festivals,
– Corse Festival in France,
– “Space 2” in Switzerland,
– “Sounds of Arabia” in Abu Dhabi,
– “Made in Germany” in Hannover,
– Masala in Hannover,
– “Female Voice of Iran” in Berlin,
– Giving a concert at the invitation of Hanover University of Music,
– Performing in Cologne Philharmonic Concert Hall,
– Performing in Roodaki, Vahdat, and Farabi Concert Halls, and in Niavaran and Arasbaran Cultural Centers,
– Collaborating with Salmak and Sepidar music bands, Iran University of Science and Technology and Art University of Tehran student band, and Avaye Mehrabani, Mahtab, Neyestan, Golbon, and Avaye Doost music bands.

Solmaz has worked with Paliz Ensemble since 2011 and performed in Album “Paliz 1”.
She started “Solmaz Badri” music band and gave a concert at Niavaran Cultural Center in 2018. She has collaborated with a number of composers such as Fardin Khalatbari, Ali Samadpour, Ehsan Zabihifar (in Albums: Sarkhaneh, Hich Magoo, Abru Kaman, Aan Roozha), and Behzad Abdi (Moolavi Opera).

Her other activities include:
– Authoring the first volume of Transcription of Ghamar-Molook Vaziri’s Songs (Mahoor Publications, 2016),
– Starting Hezar Dastan Music School,
– Executing and performing in Avaye Mehrabani’s concert held in Roodaki Concert Hall,
– Refereeing the Students Singing Festival in 2007, held province wide in Tehran,
– Refereeing the Second Vocal Arts Festival of exceptional students schools of Iran (students with disabilities) in 2008,
– Teaching Santoor at various cultural centers in Tehran (2000-2003)
– Teaching Santoor, singing, and solfege in several music schools as Avaye Mehrabani, Golbange Shamloo, Avaye Shamloo and Behrang
– Teaching at the Institute of Higher Education in Music since 2016.