Keykhosro Mokhtari

Kaykhosro Mokhtari

Musician, Kamancheh Player

Educational Background
  • •Distinguished graduate student with a master's degree in "Iranian musical instrument" (University of Arts, 2014)
Kaykhosro Mokhtari

Kaykhosro Mokhtari

Born in 1989, Kaykhosro Mokhtari holds a Master’s in Iranian music from Art University of Tehran.

His academic degrees include the following, all as an honor student:
Diploma from Sooreh Music Academy (2003-2006); Associate of Arts degree from Institute of Higher Education in Music (2006-2008);
Number one student in the admission list of Art University of Tehran entrance exam (2009 );
A Bachelor’s in Playing Iranian Instruments from Art University of Tehran (2009-2012);
A Master’s in playing Iranian Instruments from Art University of Tehran (2015); Honored by Research Deputy of Art University of Tehran for his premier dissertation (2015);
Earning the Elite Title from National Elites Foundation (2016).
Kaykhosro learned Kamancheh with Shahram Saremi (2003-2006);
learned Flute Recorder and the basics of classical music with Farhood Amirani (2004-2007);
studied Harmony and the basics of classical music with Masoud Ebrahimi (2008-2010);
and acquired the basics of music and performance principles with Sharif Lotfi (2011-2013).
Today he plays Kamancheh and Ghaychak professionally.

His professional activities involve the following:
– Accompanying various music bands as a solo player
– Starting Chahargan Music Band (performance of four Iranian string instruments) from 2008, and
performing in two Albums named Chahargan 1, Chahargan 2, and also the Album “Just A Flame and Nothing More” (Haman Yek Sharar O Hich). He has also accompanied the band in several performances,
– Receiving Certificate of Appreciation for performing in “solo international performing arts” concert in
Indonesia (2020),
– Collaborating with different composers in recording film music,
– Starting Paliz Music Ensemble in 2004 in Sooreh Music Academy, record and issue of several video clips
and also publishing of three Albums: Paliz 1 (2018), Paliz 2 (2020), and Paliz 3 (2021), and doing composition and music arrangement for the band,
– Co-writing an article with Ali Ebrahimi named “From Isolation to Recognition” (Az enzeva ta eghbal), being the history of Kamancheh in Iran during the recent century, published in Issue no. 176 of Art and Music Magazine,
– Coauthoring the book “Epic music, before and after the Islamic Revolution” with Mohsen Nafar (doing the transcription of 57 pieces)
– Co-writing of “Kamancheh learning Method” with Ali Ebrahimi
– Editing of Hafiz Karimov’s book, “64 etudes for Kamancheh”,
– Editing of Mehdi Meftah’s book, “Iranian etudes for Kamancheh”,
– Writing of Kamancheh syllabus for Girls’ Academy of Music (2013-2019),
– Teaching Kamancheh and solfege at a number of music schools in Tehran.