Kaykhosro Mokhtari

Kaykhosro Mokhtari

Musician, Kamancheh Player

Educational Background

  • Distinguished graduate student with a master's degree in "Iranian musical instrument" (University of Arts, 2014)
  • Honored graduate of "Iranian musical instrument" (University of Arts, 2013)
  • Honored graduate of "Iranian musical instrument" (Higher University of Music, 2008)
  • Honored graduate of Soore Music Conservatory in 2006

Achievements and Honors

  • The first rank of the associate entrance exam for Bachelor of Music (2008)
  • Honored by the Research Vice-Chancellor of Art University as the creator of the best thesis (2014)
  • Membership in Iran’s National Elites Foundation (2015)
  • Entering the master's course of the University of Art as a brilliant talent without an entrance exam (2019)
  • Received a certificate of appreciation for performing at the Solo International Performing Arts Festival in Indonesia (2020)

Training and Courses Passed

  • Learned and trained the Kamancheh (Iranian bowed string instrument) by Shahram Saremi (2003-2006)
  • Learned and trained harmony and the basics of classical music by Masoud Ebrahimi(2008-2009)
  • Learned and trained the basics of music and principles of performance by Sharif Lotfi (2012-2013)
  • Learned and trained the flute recorder and the basics of classical music by Farhoud Amirani (2013-2016)

Musical Activities

  • Idea generation, judging, selection and recording of selected works in two public call periods "composing for Paliz Ensemble” in which the sense of teamwork was maximized afterwards.
  • Recorded and released several music videos in Paliz Ensemble including Yare man, Tolo, Doosh Doosh, Sareban and etc.
  • Participation in the production and recording of music for the films "Barefoot in Heaven” in 2006 “The Taste of Iran Documentary” in 2008 and etc.
  • Founder of the Persian music group called "Paliz" at Soore Music Conservatory in 2013
  • Founder, member and Kamancheh player of the Persian string quartet called "Chahargan" since 2013
  • The release of the album "Only That Spark and Nothing More" (2014) and the albums "Chahargan 1" and "2" (2015)
  • Soloing, composing, arranging and supervision of musicians in different music groups
  • Kamancheh player in the Paliz Ensemble at the "Nowruz" festival in the Netherlands (2021)
  • Leader of Payvar Foundation and recorder and performer the works of maestro Faramarz Payvar in this group since 2022
  • Release of four albums "Paliz", " Paliz 1"(2018), " Paliz 2" (2020), "Paliz 3" and "Paliz 4" (2023)

Authorship and Research

  • Writing the article "From Isolation to Iqbal" (the story of Kamancheh in the last century of Iran), with the collaboration of Ali Ebrahimi, published in Art and Music Magazine, No. 176 April-July 2018
  • Revised and edited the book 64 etudes for Kamancheh, by Hafiz Karimov, Nayoney publishing house, Tehran: 2018
  • Revised and edited the book called, Iranian Etudes for Kamancheh, by Mehdi Miftah, Nayoney publishing house, Tehran: 2019
  • The author of the book called , The Epic Music Before and After the Islamic Revolution of Iran, in collaboration with Mohsen Nafer, is under publication in 2023
  • Compiled by Ali Ebrahimi, The Method of Learning the Kamancheh, Part Publication, Tehran: 2023

Teaching Experience

  • Taught the Kamancheh, solfege, music basics and principles of performance in Tehran music schools
  • Taught the Kamancheh in daily classes at Golbang e Shamlou Music School since 2011
  • Taught the Kamancheh in daily classes at Avaye Shamlou Music School since 2014
  • Compilation of the educational program and teaching the Kamancheh in Tehran Girls’ Music Conservatory (2014-2018)
  • Taught the Kamancheh in daily classes at Yasnagah Music Academy since 2019

Other Skills in Musical Instruments

  • A professional piano player

  • A skilled violin player