Keykhosro Mokhtari

Kaykhosro Mokhtari

Kaykhosro Mokhtari

Born in 1989, he holds a Bachelor and a Master degree in Iranian music from Tehran University of Art.

He started learning to play the piano with his brother, Kaykavous Mokhtari, in 2001 and he entered Sooreh Conservatory of Music in 2002; there, he started to learn the kamancheh with Shahram Saremi and during 2005 to 2011 he continued playing the kamancheh and learning with Ehsan Zabihifar. Learning the recorder and the classical music basics with Farhood Amirani (2003-2006), learning Harmony and the classical music basics with Masoud Ebrahimi (2007-2009) and learning the music basics and performance principles with Sharif Lotfi (2011-2013) could be pointed out as what he has acquired. He is also mastered in playing the kamancheh and Ghaychak.

His degrees contain a Diploma from Sooreh Conservatory of Music as a distinguished student (2002-2005), an associate from Fine Music University of Art as a distinguished student (2005-2007), the first-rate student of Art University entrance exam (2009), a Bachelor’s in Playing Iranian Instruments from Art University as a distinguished student (2009-2012), a Master’s in  Iranian Instruments Playing from Art University as a distinguished student (2015), honored by research deputy of Art University for pre-eminent dissertation (2015), obtained an elite title by National Elites Foundation (2016).

His other activities involve co-writing an article called From isolation to fortune (Az enzeva ta eghbal) about the story of the kamancheh in Iran for the last century and writing the book study of notion and influence of number of epic musical pieces produced from the 50s to Islamic revolution of Iran and eight years of holy defense (Ava negari va barresi elal-e tasir gozari-e 57 asar az asar-e hemasi- mosighiayei-e tolid shodeh dar zaman-e enghelab-e eslami-e Iran va doran-e defa-e moghadas) in 2019, playing Persian String Quartet from 2008 until now and playing in two albums named Chahargan I and Chahargan II and having several performances with this group, playing in Only that spark and nothing more  album composed by Karen Keyhani, collaborating with different composers in recording film scores, cooperating with Iranian music bands, giving several performances with Paliz ensemble and giving out Paliz I album and recording other forthcoming albums and also cooperating with Iranian composers in this band(from 2004 till now). Moreover he has been teaching the kamancheh in girls’ Conservatory of Music since 2014, solfège and the kamancheh in “Golbange shamlou” and “Avaye shamlou” music schools since 2011 and the kamancheh in “Honaravaran” music school.